Nemesis & Arrogance interview with Rago Magazine

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Check out the interview here:

Big shout to Trixta and all of the crew over there @ Rago magazine!

Jay Z Vs The Game!

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Now any of you who have followed the Game’s career will know that he recorded a track with Jay Z for his first album, however on another track he said “I don’t wear button up shirts or drive Maybachs”… Jay Z took this as a diss and asked for the track that they had collabed on to be removed from The Documentary. Aftermath obliged. The Game continuously denied that the line was a swipe at Jay & said it was written about Ja Rule.

However he went on stage in Amsterdam & apparently dissed Jay Z, unfortunately this was before high quality video footage was available in your pocket in the form of your phone, so footage is rare, but word got back to N.Y and it wasn’t long before The Game was kicked out of G Unit!

And now they’re at it again… First Jay took to the stage in Vegas and fired off a little freestyle which incorporated The Games name (amongst others):

Then The Game retaliated while performing in France:

Do you think that Jay will do a proper diss track on the Blueprint 3? Lets hope so!

Jammer – Lethal Bizzle Diss!

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We posted Lethal Bizzle’s dub yesterday, so we have to give Jammers reply a mention too!

We heard this on Logan’s show on Kiss last night & he asked why Bizzle hadn’t send his dub to him (check Bizzles dub for the answer)…

Master Shortie “Manipulates” Digital Media!

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Last week, Hype Machine published a list of artists who”d been the subject of attempts to cheat the site”s popularity chart. It included Master Shortie, but the company that works on his digital marketing, Media Junction (formerly known as Million Media), says it wasn”t responsible. “Frankly, we have better things to do in our lives than create 50 fake profiles,” blogs boss Neil Cartwright, who goes on to criticise Hype Machine”s decision to name and shame artists. “Anthony has automatically punished the artists rather than digging deeper and banning the IP addresses or sending a warning first. Why not go the whole hog and ban any artist who employs people to promote, market or talk about them?”

Eerrrrr…. This wont come as any surprise to anyone who has been following Master Shortie’s career so far, as this guy has appeared from NOWHERE & is getting high profile gigs at festivals such as O2 Wireless, whilst people who actually have a real street hype, such as Skepta, Bashy & Wiley were overlooked! And he is also getting high profile appearances on TV programmes such as Big Brothers Big Mouth… So is it any surprise that he is one of the artists which the Hype Machine have identified as attempting to manipulate their online figures?

Anyway, he posted a video blog a few weeks ago, stating that he was the best rapper in the UK, to which one of our favourite MC’s in the game did not take to kindly to, check out Black The Ripper’s response here:

Then UK rapper Aryes got in on the act too:

Lethal Bizzle – Bacon Dread

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As we said on earlier posts regarding this topic “Put your beef on wax”… Well Bizzle has, and he did it on Jammer’s most successful track to date – The Murkle Man…

I think he has aired this thoughts here, now we’re  awaiting Jammers response – BRING IT ON!

Family Ties!

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Now about 4 or 5 years ago we heard a track by a then 11 year old Remus, the son of Mud Family/Taskforce legend Farma G, and in honesty we thought it was too cold of a kid of that age & thought Farma or Chester must have written that for him……. Boy, we were wrong……..

Fast forward 4/5 years and we’ve just caught these freestyles on line & boy, this kid is spitting pure FIRE! Real talk, we’re tipping Remus to blow….. Intelligent word play, sick flow, big delivery and of course the famous blood line combine to make Remus on of the hottest acts in the UK right now!

Check out the freestyles from here:

and here’s part 2:

Shouts to Remus, holla @ us fam, we’ve gotta get you into the studio…. Also shouts to Dj Gone for the videos & of course shouts to Farma G, thanks for the big up on your blog, much appreciated fam – would be a good look to get you into the studio too! Check out the music from the corner blog here:

Where Farma G said of us:

“these guys are raising the level to a next dimension”

Da Real Sho – Rago Magazine Review!

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Check out the on line review of Da Real Sho on Rago Magazine now! Here’s a couple of our favourite quotes:

“Big to Nemesis & Arrogance because on a level they have smashed it with a CD”

“a clever idea that has been executed very well”

Check it out here:

Big shouts to Trixta  & all of the Wolftown recordings massive… Make sure you check out Rago Magazine on a regular for all your Hip Hop news!!

Klashnekoff is Back!

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K – lash your Rass Klart Nek Off!

We just caught this video from Harry Love & DJ MK’s “Hip Hop Kitchen” show on ustream…. Check out the link here:

Klashnekoff is always entertaining and always speaks from the heart, listen to the interview & learn. We’re glad to hear that he is returning to the game with a new project – Return To The Sagas, as he was one of our favourite MC’s during our time on Itch FM & we were lucky enough to meet him a few times when they passed through Mr Dex’s show & also performed at a few of the same shows too!

Check out on of our favourites from back in the day, the CLASSIC black rose here:

Not another cancelled concert?

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The summer concert line up is getting thinner by the day! Obviously MJ’s untimely death led to the cancellation of his shows & now another show we were looking forward to (this Monday) has been cancelled too!

Lil Wayne was set to play seven dates in Europe over the next 10 days, including the Roskilde Festival in Denmark and two dates in London.

An official statement said the musician had been forced to cancel the concerts due to “doctor-mandated rest”.

“Lil Wayne extends an apology to his fans for the short notice of this postponement,” a statement said.

“But [he] looks forward to returning for the performances and visitation with his fans,” the statement continued.

Fans have been advised to hold on to their tickets and wait for details of revised dates.

The shows were due to take place in Paris, Roskilde, London, Amsterdam, Liege and Thurgau in Switzerland.

New 50 Cent!

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Well, we don’t usually make a habit of blogging US rapper’s videos, as they have enough people on their side of the water backing them as it is, and over here @ we like to rep for the UK, but we just caught this video on-line for 50 Cents new single from his forthcoming album – Before I Self Destruct – entitled – OK You’re Right (Check our Radio Interview Montage below & you’ll hear the instrumental for this as the sound bed!) – and we’ve gotta say 50 upped the level of music videos on this one! Shit looks like a friggin movie and a good one at that!

I’ve gotta see this one on a 1080 HD TV to see the full quality, but even on You Tube, the quality is a NEXT LEVEL – check it out: