New 50 Cent!

Well, we don’t usually make a habit of blogging US rapper’s videos, as they have enough people on their side of the water backing them as it is, and over here @ we like to rep for the UK, but we just caught this video on-line for 50 Cents new single from his forthcoming album – Before I Self Destruct – entitled – OK You’re Right (Check our Radio Interview Montage below & you’ll hear the instrumental for this as the sound bed!) – and we’ve gotta say 50 upped the level of music videos on this one! Shit looks like a friggin movie and a good one at that!

I’ve gotta see this one on a 1080 HD TV to see the full quality, but even on You Tube, the quality is a NEXT LEVEL – check it out:

~ by Nemesis & Arrogance on July 2, 2009.

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