Master Shortie “Manipulates” Digital Media!


Last week, Hype Machine published a list of artists who”d been the subject of attempts to cheat the site”s popularity chart. It included Master Shortie, but the company that works on his digital marketing, Media Junction (formerly known as Million Media), says it wasn”t responsible. “Frankly, we have better things to do in our lives than create 50 fake profiles,” blogs boss Neil Cartwright, who goes on to criticise Hype Machine”s decision to name and shame artists. “Anthony has automatically punished the artists rather than digging deeper and banning the IP addresses or sending a warning first. Why not go the whole hog and ban any artist who employs people to promote, market or talk about them?”

Eerrrrr…. This wont come as any surprise to anyone who has been following Master Shortie’s career so far, as this guy has appeared from NOWHERE & is getting high profile gigs at festivals such as O2 Wireless, whilst people who actually have a real street hype, such as Skepta, Bashy & Wiley were overlooked! And he is also getting high profile appearances on TV programmes such as Big Brothers Big Mouth… So is it any surprise that he is one of the artists which the Hype Machine have identified as attempting to manipulate their online figures?

Anyway, he posted a video blog a few weeks ago, stating that he was the best rapper in the UK, to which one of our favourite MC’s in the game did not take to kindly to, check out Black The Ripper’s response here:

Then UK rapper Aryes got in on the act too:

~ by Nemesis & Arrogance on July 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Master Shortie “Manipulates” Digital Media!”

  1. he didnt say “im the best at all” and people like you are just stirring shit, he said he’s ‘under rated’ yeah hes been at big gigs and on big brother, these are achievements yet he gets no respect for it by other artists there for hes under-rated. he did NOT state that he is the best lmao

  2. WTF, as your name states “what the fuck” do you know? Did you watch the video? The words “I am the best” clearly come out of his mouth on more than one occasion.

    I also remember him saying that he would retire if he didnt sell 100, 000 albums… He didnt sell 100 000 albums, but yet he’s still here! So clearly he’s not a man of his word, keep on supporting him, you’re the only one!

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