Jay Z Vs The Game!

Now any of you who have followed the Game’s career will know that he recorded a track with Jay Z for his first album, however on another track he said “I don’t wear button up shirts or drive Maybachs”… Jay Z took this as a diss and asked for the track that they had collabed on to be removed from The Documentary. Aftermath obliged. The Game continuously denied that the line was a swipe at Jay & said it was written about Ja Rule.

However he went on stage in Amsterdam & apparently dissed Jay Z, unfortunately this was before high quality video footage was available in your pocket in the form of your phone, so footage is rare, but word got back to N.Y and it wasn’t long before The Game was kicked out of G Unit!

And now they’re at it again… First Jay took to the stage in Vegas and fired off a little freestyle which incorporated The Games name (amongst others):

Then The Game retaliated while performing in France:

Do you think that Jay will do a proper diss track on the Blueprint 3? Lets hope so!

~ by Nemesis & Arrogance on July 7, 2009.

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