Michael Jackson Commerative Tickets?

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Personally we feel that AEG are taking the piss on this one. We had tickets to go & see Jacko live @ the o2 arena in August & when we applied for our refunds yesterday we were greeted with the option of exchanging £75 (plus roughly £10 in booking/service charges) for a holographic ticket apparently designed by Michael Jackson himself….. Check the video below for the publics response to this:

The whole thing is a bit suspicious, as the tickets are not ready to be dispatched until the end of August. Now if they were for the concerts, surely the would have been ready by now, as they were supposed to have started in 11 days! It seems to us that AEG are trying to claw back some money from the massive gap left in their promotion schedule due to the superstars death.

Now it would be great to have a commemorative ticket showing our intention to attend these gigs, but @ £85 for a piece of paper, its a bit steep…. Remember if we had attended the gigs, we would have had the ticket & got to see the legend in action too for the same price. Surely that ticket cant be worth more than £5/£10 and AEG should have more respect than to cash in on the Superstars death in this manner!

What do you think? Should AEG be cashing in?

On another note, we caught this yessterday on MTV, its a performance featuring Slash (former G&R)…. Check out MJ’s robot dance about half way through…. OVERLY SICK!

Sincere @ Glastonbury…

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Heres some footage of Sincere performing Good Girls Love Rudeboys @ Glastonbury last weekend:

Thats a good look for Sin!

You can catch Sincere & Mark Henry on the track – Once Upon A Time In London Pt.1 – on our new mixtape – Da Real Sho – OUT NOW!

Jammer Vs Lethal B!

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Round 3:

Lethal is getting a little bit pissed at the accusations now:

So a drunk, shirtless Jammer reacts:

Keep your eyes peeled to the blog, for further replies, We’re quite sure that this one aint finished yet!

Interview montage!

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Finally got round to editing, publishing & posting this video for you!

We thought it would be a good idea to make a montage of the interviews we have done over the last few weeks, to give you a little insight into Nemesis & Arrogance… Check it out:

Big shouts to Iron Brydz @ Bang, illatek, raz, no ID & Ic4 @ Westside, Lucy Pink @ Diesel U:Music & Hotsteppa @ Choice….

Watch this pace for info of more radio interviews/freestyles hitting the airwaves over the next few weeks!

Michael Jackson – R.I.P

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We’ve just had word that Michael Jackson has died from a fatal heart attack this evening!

It’s DEEP! MJ is a music legend & we were really looking forward to seeing him perform @ the 02 arena in August! Celebrity gossip website TMZ broke the news, firstly that Michael had suffered a heart attack and then shortly afterwards they broke the news that Michael Jackson had died.  Check out the article here:


And here is a video of MJ’s final moments as he was escorted from his rented home in L.A to the Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Perhaps he had already been pronounced dead at the scene, as the ambulance does not appear to be moving very quickly:

Its a sad day for music fans all over the world, as MJ was an idol for so many, as he upped the level of showmanship, dancing, music videos & record/concert ticket sales. Our thoughts are with his family at this tragic time!

R.I.P MJ, you will be missed, but your legacy will live on!

Check out the classic Moonwalk clip that propelled him in to megastar status:

Last Night!

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We passed through Westside  Radio yesterday to check our pals Dj No ID & IC4… The show was big, although the studio was HOT, as apparently Beenie Man had broken the air conditioning in there during an over-zelous interview on the station!


We are literally putting the finishing touches on an interview montage from the last few weeks, it will be up here by the weekend! Make sure you check it out 4 an interesting insight!

Buy Da Real Sho from HMV now!

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Just popped into HMV Oxford Street to cop a couple of bits & saw this:

HMV Stack

Its only £8, so make sure that you get down to your local HMV & support the cause! It features 25 of the UK’s hottest artists, including: Bashy, Wretch 32, Sincere, Skinnyman, Faith SFX, Flirta D & many many more….. BUY BRITISH!

Nemesis & Arrogance – DJ Mag Chart

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DJ Mag asked us to compile a chart for them last month of our favourite tracks right now! It features in this months DJ Mag, so make sure you go & cop it to see our picks for Summer 2009  (or alternatively you could just take a look @ the picture below:)

Dj Mag Chart

Big shouts to the staff @ DJ Mag & to Charlee over @ vision too!

Catch us on Westside Radio TONIGHT!

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Westside Radio

Apoligies to those of you who locked in last week, our appearence on Westside was cancelled @ the last minute, due to illness, but not all is lost, as you can catch us on there tonight!

We’re gonna be  on the Organic Progression Sessions show with DJ No ID and IC4 from 9:45pm – so make sure your locked in on 89.6fm (West London) and on their website too – www.westsideradio.co.uk

We’ll have some footage & some photos up from the interview tomorow!

Jammer Vs Lethal Bizzle

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This is JOKES…. Is it me, or is it a coincidence that Lord Of The Mics pt.3 has just been announced @ the same time… Anyway, apparently Lethal said something about the Murkle Man on Westwood a couple of weeks back, can you hear the in-di-r?

Then apparently Jammer took offence to something said in the interview/freestyle and wanted to air his thoughts… Shouts to Grime daily for this one:

So Lethal took to the camera yesterday to let Grime Daily what he thought about Jammer:

And as he says in the video, he wasn’t actually sure what Jammer had actually said, so the guys @ Grime Daily showed Lethal – here’s his reaction:

So Jammer retaliated yesterday & explained how he beat up Lethal’s “youngers”:

So then Lethal replyed back….

This is all getting a little WWE for our liking, a lot of talk & NO content, put your opinions on wax & make this into a “real battle”.  But at least there are now there are two battles that we really want to see on Lord Of The Mics Pt. 3 – Wiley Vs. Skepta & Jammer Vs. Lethal Bizzle – what do you think? Is it going to happen? Holla!